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If you want to spruce up your dorm room this holiday season, here are some wonderful Dorm Christmas Decorations ideas for you to utilize.


Dorms can be ugly and depressing places to live in. But with our Christmas decorations you can turn your boring dorm room into a cozy home away from home that will bring back holiday memories for years to come! And the best part is that these dorm supplies are cheap enough for even the most frugal college student.

Our decorations picks are reusable year after year, so when you go off to grad school or move out of your first apartment, just pack them up and take them with you! We have everything from reindeer lawn ornaments and snowman window clings to fake Christmas trees and garland lighting kits.


This Post Is All About Dorm Christmas Decorations

1. Christmas Banners.

One of the simplest ways to update a dorm room for Christmas is to hang a Christmas banner. I adore this one because it just enough spice for a college student.

There are A TON of hilarious Xmas banners, but you can see one in the image above.

Create This Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

2. Decorate with lights.

This would be so much fun to have a corridor transformed into a winter light paradise.

I’m not sure if this would have been permitted in my dorm hall, but if you can let it go and get others to join in with you, it’ll look fantastic!

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

3. Decorate With A Christmas Tree.

I’m in love with this little Christmas tree!! This is the ideal size for a college dorm room, and it completely captures the holiday collegiate atmosphere.

Create This Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

4. Decorate your fridge.

This is a simple one and it’s a really lovely dorm Christmas décor!

Make a snowman out of your dull (and unattractive) fridge. It really doesn’t take much effort to do this.

Create This Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

5. Make a wreath.

There are several methods to make wreaths. You can always create this college dorm décor yourself, or you may want to buy one.

It’s really simple to complete and put up on your door or behind your bed.

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

6. Make Christmas Wall Art.

Isn’t it great? You can make a really lovely Christmas wall decor item by using a canvases and wrapping paper.

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

7. Christmas Pillows.

Order some low-cost Christmas pillows and replace your current ones. This simple procedure will immediately add a festive atmosphere to your area.

I favor this notion, because you can use the pillows for years rather than weeks with other Christmas dorm decorations.

Looking for a way to save money? Consider putting a pillow cover over existing cushions!

8. Decorate your Dorm Door.

Decorate your dorm door with some Dorm Christmas Décor. This dorm accessory will spread joy to your friends passing by.

Create This Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

9. Hang Ornaments in Window.

Purchase a set of inexpensive Christmas ornaments and hang them on some string. You may also buy an expensive garland and attach the ornaments to it in the window.

You’ve instantly injected the holiday spirit right in.

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

10. Hang Star Lights.

Hang star lights around your room to create an instant winter wonderland. You can also hang them around your bed or behind it to create a cozy atmosphere.

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

11. Build a DIY fireplace.

Isn’t this Christmas decoration for a dorm great? My current flatmates actually created it in their dorm room last year and it was fantastic.

I wish I had a decent photo of it since it transformed the entire atmosphere and made the space seem much more cozy!

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

12. Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Lights.

Create This Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

This is the ideal Christmas tree for a dorm. Get some string lights and construct it into the form of a Christmas tree with the aid of command hooks. You’re finished!

13. Cozy Throws.

This is a wonderful item to include on your bed and bring the Christmas spirit.

Who doesn’t like being enveloped in a big blanket?

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

14. Decorate With Candy Canes As Christmas Decor.

Candy canes are a great method to decorate a dorm for Christmas at a low cost.

Get some lovely ribbon and hang them from your blinds.

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

15. Garland.

Garlands are the most adaptable option for college dorm decorations because it can be used for a variety of things.

You may use a garland to create any style or shape you desire.

Create this Christmas Dorm Room Decor Yourself:

Dorm Décor is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your dorm room this year, these 15 Dorm Christmas Decorations are sure to inspire you.

We hope that you will find some of our suggestions helpful and can use them when planning out how the best way to celebrate with your friends this season!

Happy Dorm Decorating everyone – we wish you a very merry (and festive) holiday!

This Post Was All About Dorm Christmas Decorations

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